Referring vets

How we will work with you

To our referring vets, our promise is to deliver the very best service we can, before, during and after their patient has been with Granta Veterinary Specialists.

It is the respect we have, and the attention and time we invest in the relationships we build with referring vets that will allow us to deliver the quality of care and service we aspire to. By creating a truly independent specialist centre that is owned by the vets who founded it, we believe we will be able to provide an outstanding level of service and care to all our patients, their owners and our referring vets, because we understand exactly what you expect from us.

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Our facilities

We have dedicated much thought and effort towards the layout of our premises, with the design of every room and the equipment we use, planned with particular consideration for the well-being of our owners, their pets and the people working at Granta.

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As an independent practice with a different ownership and business model to other centres, we are in a much better position to structure our pricing to allow our services to be accessed by as many clients as we possibly can.

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Referring a case

For any referring veterinary surgeon wishing to book a routine referral then please follow the link here to our simple online form. For emergency referrals please call 01223 608 213.

To book an appointment is very easy. Simply click on the link here, complete and submit the form below. We will then arrange an appointment with your client directly and e-mail you confirmation and details of that appointment.

Providing clinical advice. We are always ready to provide clinical advice. Should you need to contact us then simply call us on the number provided and we will be very happy to discuss your case.

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Our services

Granta Veterinary Services provide outstanding clinical care across a range of different disciplines to ensure all our patients’ clinical needs are met.

Our Team

Granta Veterinary Specialists are a highly experienced, highly responsive team of specialists, nurses and administrative colleagues.

Clinical research

Through clinical research, all of our team has contributed to improving the progress of animal welfare over the years. We are committed to continuing this and to discovering better treatments and outcomes for diseases and conditions particularly where research is not well developed.

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Our story

We started Granta for a number of reasons not least because we saw an opportunity to promote an alternative model of ownership within our profession. One that incorporates the best aspects of an independent specialist hospital with all the elements we felt were important in a modern business.

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