Repeat prescriptions

Similar to human medicine, some veterinary patients will require prolonged, and sometimes even lifelong, courses of medication to treat their condition.

In this situation, it is often most practical to obtain the necessary medication via repeat prescription. There are professional rules set by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) regarding what vets must do when prescribing medicines. These were most recently updated in September 2023, the details of which are available on the RCVS website.

At Granta Veterinary Specialists we will always try to help you with repeat prescriptions, but depending on the medication, its purpose and the condition of your pet, we may have to re-examine your pet at regular intervals to comply with the RCVS guidance. Most importantly, we need to ensure that continuing with the current prescription is appropriate.

If you need to request repeat prescriptions, there are several options:

  1. We can request that your primary care vet provides you with the on-going medication. It will be up to your vet, however, as to whether they think they need to examine your pet before prescribing.
  2. We, or possibly your primary care vet, can provide you with a written prescription so you can obtain the medication from an on-line or high street pharmacy if it is available through this route. Please note: it is normal for there to be a charge to provide a written prescription and if the written prescription is requested from us, we will ask that it is paid for before we are able to issue the prescription.
  3. We can provide the repeat prescriptions if your pet is a registered patient with us and has been recently seen. You will be able to request these through the owner section of our website (see below). When your prescription is available, we will ask you to pay on-line before collection.

If you wish to request a repeat prescription for medication from us, please complete the request form below. We aim to confirm the prescription within three working days and, if approved, we will send you an on-line payment link via text or email. Once the prescription has been paid for, it will be available for collection, or we can post it to you. If we are unable to fulfil the prescription, we will contact you to explain why and to identify a solution.

If we post the medication we have to send it via Special Delivery. This cost will be added to your bill and we will require payment before we can send the medication. There are some medications, such as anti-cancer medications, that we are not able to post to you, so these will always have to be collected from us.

If the medication needs to be cool or refrigerated, we will usually arrange to post the medication directly to your vet and you can then collect it from them.

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