Promise and principles

The promise that we make and our core principles are the foundations of our practice.

Our practice is founded on a promise made up from a set of core principles that together govern everything that we are. This is our promise:

We are Granta Veterinary Specialists

An independent, vet-led, specialist referral centre; where every animal is expertly and compassionately cared for and not just treated; where client service is a passion for true partnership and trust, delivered with compassion and humility; and where everyone is heard, encouraged and supported to contribute to our work and profession, to our local community and to protecting our environment and the wider world.

This is our promise.

Woven into the fabric of our promise, our principles govern the nature of our approach, service and outcomes. These are our guiding principles:

Clinical excellence

Granta Veterinary Specialists is a place where every animal is expertly and compassionately cared for and not just treated. By committing to deliver sector-leading client service and patient-specific, evidence-based medicine, it is our ambition to be recognised as a true centre of clinical excellence, innovation and discovery. We will place the welfare of the animal at the centre of what we do, always taking their particular circumstances into account when making clinical decisions driven by evidence, experience, empathy and humanity.

This is what we believe to be the meaning of clinical excellence. It is the basis of our approach, what we believe it means to be true professionals in our field and simply the right thing to do.

Client service

Where client service is a passion for true partnership and trust, delivered with compassion and humility. We believe in our distinctive character and approach, centred on individual care and impeccable standards of service, supported by a commitment to clinical freedom. This is not about products, techniques of processes, this is about a state of mind, about how we approach every relationship we have in our working lives, the quality of those relationships and the specific benefits that this brings to our clients.

A highly experienced, highly responsive team of specialists, delivering exceptional, appropriate care and personal support across the whole patient journey – without ego or agenda.

The value of the team

At Granta Veterinary Specialists, everyone is heard, encouraged and supported to contribute. We does not exist solely for the benefit of our patients. We are also here for everyone who works for Granta Veterinary Specialists, the veterinary profession and our local and wider community. The reason for this isn’t rocket science – we simply believe that creating a brilliant, happy place to work, with an environment where passion for care, openness and camaraderie are sentiments we cherish and encourage, will in turn mean our clients will like us, trust us and value how we work with and for them.

And because we are genuinely ambitious for everyone at Granta Veterinary Specialists, we know that investing in our people will give us the best surgeons, the best nurses, ward assistants and the best clinical care team. Only then will we truly excel at what we do.

The wider world

As a genuinely outward-looking business we believe we exist to benefit and help our local community, our profession and the wider world. Which is why the ethical and value-driven aspects of our business are incredibly important to us all and will always have an influence on our strategic and daily decision making.

This is why we are committed to being as ecologically aware as we can be and why playing a positive role in our local community, while continually looking beyond our own horizons is a theme that will be consistently woven into our business.