Our Story

Every effort made. Every care taken.Together we are writing the Granta Veterinary Specialists story, and every story has a beginning, a why. This is our why.

We started Granta Veterinary Specialists for a number of reasons. Not least because we saw an opportunity to promote an alternative model of ownership within our profession. One that incorporates all the best aspects of an independent specialist hospital with all the elements we felt were important in a modern business.

A service run by veterinary professionals for veterinary professionals.

Our ambition is to create an independent centre that focuses on outstanding standards of care and service for our patients, owners and vets, along with outstanding standards of employment for our colleagues.

We will strive to care for as many animals as we sensibly can whilst remaining fair and valuable to as many clients as possible. We will aim to become leaders in our field by doing our job properly; by placing clinical excellence, client satisfaction and colleague happiness at the heart of what we do. In an atmosphere where everyone feels a part of the same family. Safe in the knowledge that this is “our” practice, where everyone is heard and everyone counts. That delivers sector-leading standards of service and care that referring vets can put an absolute trust in. As a matter of course, with humility and compassion.

We are equally determine to be a caring, fair, responsible and inspiring employer that creates opportunity for meaningful and rewarding careers for all our staff. And to be truly and avowedly outward-looking. With a genuine desire to work for the benefit of our community, our profession and the wider world.

That is why we started Granta Veterinary Specialists. That is our story… so far.