How to be referred

When you are advised or wish your pet to be referred for management or treatment, we understand this can be an emotional and worrying time.

The referral process is well outlined in the Code of Professional Conduct for Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS Code of Professional Conduct), so when looking to refer a case, a veterinary surgeon will usually consider the ability, experience and facilities available in a specific centre, as well as location of the service, urgency, and the owner’s wishes.

The referral centre then has a duty to deal with the problem(s) that led the vet to refer the case. Ongoing management of the condition(s) can then be carried out by a combination of the referral centre and your vet but the referral centre cannot see your pet for other conditions, without prior approval from your vet.

Can I self-refer my pet to Granta Veterinary Specialists?

No, we are not allowed to see patients without them having been referred to us by the primary care vet (with the exception of dogs coming for RFG assessment). If you wish your pet to be seen at Granta Veterinary Specialists, we encourage you to discuss this with your vet, who should be able to advise you and help facilitate a referral if appropriate.

There are two instances, however, where you can book your pet to be seen by us directly and not via your own vets, as these health schemes and assessments do not require a referral: Brachycephalic Obstructive Airways Syndrome (BOAS) assessment and the Respiratory Function Grading (RFG) Scheme. Please follow this link to check if you can see us directly and to know more about these options. You can book online for your pet to be seen under these schemes.

Who decides when and where my pet is referred?

Although it is ultimately your decision to be referred and your decision where to be referred, your veterinary surgeon must be part of the referral process and can help advise you best. Your vet will help organise the referral by contacting the referral institution to inquire if they are able to accept the case, providing your contact details with permission, writing a referral letter and submitting clinical notes when relevant, to facilitate the referral process.

Will I see a specialist when my pet is referred?

Granta Veterinary Specialists is a specialist-led centre and at the time of writing, all of the vets here are Recognised Specialists.

Veterinary Specialists have to hold a diploma in their area of specialty, which is the highest level of clinical veterinary expertise recognised worldwide and is achieved by examination after having undertaken at least a four post-graduate training programme (in the form of an internship and residency). In Europe, the training framework for Diploma specialisations is regulated by the European Board of Veterinary Specialisation (EBVS), which regulates the training and certification standards for specialism in veterinary medicine.

Veterinary Specialists must also apply for recertification of their specialist status every five years, using a credit system which considers the training of junior veterinary surgeons, scientific publications to share and further knowledge in their area of expertise, contribution to certification and examination standards, peer-reviewing for veterinary journals and international presentations and lectures. All of the Specialists at Granta are up to date with the recertification.

The British College of Veterinary Specialists (BCVSp) is a registered charity whose mission is to advance the education of the public and the well-being of animals through the development, understanding and application of veterinary specialist care. Their website is an excellent source of transparent and straight-talking advice about veterinary specialisation.

What will happen once the decision to refer my pet to Granta Veterinary Specialists is made?

Having your pet referred can sometimes cause anxiety so we want to make the process as comfortable and straightforward as possible, for both you and your pet. We are here to help you both!

Once you agree to be referred to Granta Veterinary Specialists, your vet will have to request the referral We will then contact you to confirm the date and time and provide the necessary information to make the process as smooth as possible. If your pet needs immediate referral, your vet will call us to discuss the case and arrange a referral as soon as it is possible and safe for your pet. In the meantime, we will get ready to receive you and your pet, alerting all the people whose help may be required.

For every referral, we will ask your vet to send us your pet’s relevant history and any other pertinent information. We will ask you to send us the details of any pet insurance and any questions you may have relating to your pet that will help ensure that we can care for them in the best possible way. This information will enable us to focus immediately on your pet’s health problem as soon as you arrive.

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