We are very well aware that pricing can be a key consideration in selecting a referral centre and that clients appreciate a fair and transparent price. As an independent practice, we are better able to structure our pricing so that our services can be accessed by as many clients as possible.

We also very much believe in contextualised care so there is no such thing as “gold standard” treatment – it is what is best for each client, each animal, every time.

We have created detailed investigation “price bundles” in an attempt to be able to give both referring colleagues and visiting owners the most accurate estimate of cost that we can.  Examples of these estimates can be found by clicking here, but of course we are also happy to discuss pricing before any patients are referred. We believe that it’s important for a client to know the approximate prices before their consultation, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Where the client has insurance , we will contact them prior to referral asking them to bring in their claims form, with the client section completed and signed. We would prefer indirect insurance claims, but can accommodate direct claims where necesary. Further information on pet insurance can be found here.

Payment for indirect claims or uninsured pets is required following the consultation or once the initial treatment has been completed. We do ask that payments are made in full and we accept all major credit/debit cards, online payment and BACS transfers. Unfortunately we do not accept cash or cheques at present.

For clients who are uninsured and have a budget in mind and for those with limited insurance and limited ability to exceed their insurance, please do still contact us if your client is interested in a referral and you think it is in the pet’s best interest. We are happy to discuss options with you to find a solution. We also work with Carefree Credit and this may be an appropriate route for some of your clients, so please feel free to discuss this option with your client prior to referral.