Pet owners

What to expect

We understand it can be a worrying time, but knowing what to expect can help…

Having your pet referred to a Specialist centre may seem daunting for some; for others it might come as a relief. At Granta Veterinary Specialists, our aim is always to make the experience as reassuring, straightforward and comfortable as possible for you and your pet. There are three stages once you and your vet have decided to make the referral appointment: pre-visit preparation, the appointment itself and the discharge or aftercare.

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How to be referred

When you are advised or wish your pet to be referred for management or treatment, we understand this can be an emotional and worrying time. When looking to refer a case, a veterinary surgeon will usually consider the ability, experience and facilities available in a specific centre, as well as location of the service, urgency, and the owner’s wishes.

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Before visiting us

We understand that people and pets have individual needs so we want to do our best to minimise any stress you may have before your visit. Here are some suggestions to help make your time with us as smooth as possible …

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Every story has a beginning, a why, this is our why…

Granta Veterinary Specialists is an independent specialist referral centre that was set up to deliver outstanding levels of service and care to our patients, their owners and referring vets.


After care

We will discharge your pet only when we feel they (and you) will be comfortable at home. When you leave we will provide you with a set of full discharge instructions that will cover diet, medications, suitable exercise regimes and wound care.

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Repeat prescriptions

Just like us, our pets may require repeat, prolonged, and sometimes even lifelong courses of medication to treat their condition. In this situation, it is often most practical to obtain the necessary medication via a repeated prescription.

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Pricing, payment and insurance

We strive to keep the highest level of veterinary Specialist care as affordable as possible, but we do understand that modern veterinary medicine is often expensive.

At Granta Veterinary Specialists you can trust that we will always aim to be as clear and honest about our pricing as we possibly can. We believe we have created a fair pricing structure that reflects the complexity of the work we do and the people and equipment we have invested in. We will always try to give your vet an approximate estimate of pricing before you agree to referral and, following a full consultation, we will always provide you with the most accurate cost estimate that we can or, depending on the condition, provide you with a fixed cost. We will always try to be as flexible as possible and, where possible, discuss a range of solutions with you that reflect different treatment and management options.

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