Our Facilities

We have dedicated much thought and effort towards the layout of our premises, with the design of every room and all the equipment have been planned with particular consideration for the well-being of our patients, their owners and the people working at Granta Veterinary Specialists.

We are immensely proud of some original features we have employed in the interiors and believe that we have created a pleasant, functional space that will facilitate the best possible outcome for our patients and their owners.

Our external grassed area will allow owners to walk their dog and find some shade on the occasional hot and sunny days – please consider however that this is not fully enclosed and it is in proximity of a busy road, so all owners need to be aware that their dog must always be on a lead.

Reception Area

In our reception, all owners should find sufficient space to keep a safe distance from other dogs. A dedicated “dog-pod” will provide a safe area for those dogs who are worried about being close to other dogs or who are nervous. There is a dedicated cat waiting room and all cats and cat owners will be directed there immediately after reporting to reception. In close proximity to the cat waiting area, there is a dedicated feline consulting room, separated from the dog consulting area.


Our wards are designed so that dogs (in the dog ward) and cats (in the cat ward) will never face each other, in accordance with the latest guidelines for pet-friendly clinics. Dedicated dog and cat isolation wards also enable us to protect animals in the event of contagious diseases, and the isolation dog ward has access to a dedicated walking area.

Diagnostic Wing

The diagnostic wing of the building provides access to X rays and ultrasound as well as to advanced imaging modalities such as CT and, soon, MRI. A dedicated room hosts the unique equipment used for respiratory grading in flat-faced dogs, to assess upper airways compromise. We also have a full electrodiagnostics system to facilitate nerve conduction abnormalities.

Operating Theatres

Our four operating theatres are located on the first floor. They are self-contained and designed to prevent contamination and infections, but also provide a workflow-efficient environment. An enclosed room is dedicated to anaesthetising cats, to prevent them from viewing or being in proximity of dogs. The anaesthesia recovery area is also located on this floor, between the theatres and the preparation area, enabling us to closely monitor all animals recovering from anaesthesia. The endoscopy suite and the laboratory are also located on this floor but outside the theatre area with separate access.

Colleague Spaces

Finally, our office space, meeting rooms, the colleague canteen and our wellbeing room are located on the third floor of the main building.