Family, Community & Planet

Granta Veterinary Specialists does not exist solely for the benefit of the animals referred to us. We also exist for the benefit of the people who work with us and become part of our work family, the veterinary profession and our local and wider community.

Working to be happy

The reason for this isn’t rocket science – we simply believe that creating a brilliant place to work, with an environment where passion for care, openness and camaraderie are sentiments we cherish and encourage, will in turn mean our clients will like us, trust us and value how we work with them and for them.

And because in our view, a happy business, is always a good business.

Our community and our planet

As a genuinely outward-looking business we believe we exist to benefit and help our local community, our profession and the wider world. Which is why the ethical and value-driven aspects of our business are incredibly important to us all and why we are committed to being as ecologically aware as we can be.

We will also look to work within our local community, working with local schools and charities where we can to engage and inspire young people to learn more about working with animals. young people to learn more about working with animals.