Clinical Research

All of us at Granta Veterinary Specialists strive to do our very best for your owners and their pets.

At the same time, we look to the future to discover better treatments and outcomes for diseases and conditions particularly where research is not well developed.

All of our team have contributed to improving animal welfare and progress over the years through clinical research and we aim to continue doing this at Granta Veterinary Specialists whilst providing the best care to your owners and their pets.

There are different ways this can be achieved but all of them require owner consent to use clinical information gathered during pet treatment, to report the efficacy of treatments or to compare the effects of different treatments.

Our consent form will ask owners to allow us to use the information, normally gathered while treating their pet, to publish scientific manuscripts and prepare lectures.

For many conditions, different recognised treatment options are available, yet in some cases there is very little data supporting the equal efficacy or superiority of one treatment compared to others. The information we gather while treating patients may be vital to improving knowledge of the drugs and treatments we administer, improving outcomes not only at Granta Veterinary Specialists, but also worldwide.

The best way to investigate such differences is to use treatments considered equally effective, and then look in detail at their efficacy and side effects, “Clinical Research”. In this case, we will ask for owner consent to enroll their pet in a Clinical Research Trial. This activity is strictly regulated in the UK, to protect both owner and pet, and ensure the data gathered is of the highest quality, to prevent drawing incorrect conclusions.