We would like to welcome everyone to Granta Veterinary Specialists

Tuesday April 2, 2024

Welcome to Granta Veterinary Specialists! We are independent, ethically minded, small animal veterinary specialists with a distinctive character and approach to specialist referrals. Our focus on contextualised care, supported by impeccable standards of service and our commitments to clinical freedom, innovation and academic input, ensures your patients receive the best and most responsible care possible.

In light of the many and rapid changes our profession is experiencing, we have started Granta Veterinary Specialists to offer our colleagues in first opinion practice a genuine alternative for canine and feline referrals. We are truly independent, owned by the vets who founded the clinic and we believe in doing all we can to help make referrals simple, affordable and accessible. We will strive to help you in whatever way we can; offering clinical advice, being available to discuss cases, providing CPD, by seeing patients you wish to refer and by partnering with you to optimise their care and treatment. We will also do all we can to optimise communications with you and we will endeavour to keep you informed of the status of your patients as often as we can. For your clients, we will provide a welcoming, friendly and highly professional service and we will offer the options of making both direct and indirect insurance claims. We will always focus on providing the optimal contextualised care that we can and we will also be able to offer credit facilities (through a third-party provider subject to credit check) when necessary and appropriate, in an effort to open up the option of referral to as many clients as practically possible. All consultations will be performed by the Specialist to whom you refer and we will then work as a clinical team to provide the very best level of care we can. In short, we have started Granta Veterinary Specialists to practice our profession in the way we believe it should be, placing clinical excellence, client satisfaction and colleague happiness at the heart of everything we do.

We all look forward to working with you.